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Feature Comparison Chart

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Comparison of features of RiverDocs products
  RiverDocs Converter RiverDocs Server RiverDocs Converter
Enterprise Edition
CONVERSION Contributor Editor
Source formats  PDF, DOC, RTF, ODT, RIVERDOCS project file yes yes yes yes
Batch conversion (customisation option) yes yes yes yes
OneClick Converter: Fully automatic conversion of specialised in-house document types (customisation option) yes yes yes yes
Accessibility processing: During automatic conversion processing and subsequent accessibility updating, as well as detecting accessibility issues the Converter fixes a large number of them. yes yes yes yes
New in version 2:
PNG image format converted.
Improved HTML encoding of table output and support for additional characters and formatting.
Better table detection, including support for merged cells.
yes yes yes yes
Publish button that opens a dialogue box allowing the user to save the output in a selected format. yes yes yes yes
Options button that opens a dialogue box with sections for making publishing and conversion configuration settings (listed below). yes no no yes
HTML Creation settings:
Publish mode options:
   Single file | Section-based | Page-based
Section-splitting threshold:
   H1 | H2 | H3
HTML Tidy Configuration
  Section 508 (new in version 2)| XHTML 1.0A | XHTML 1.0AA | XHTML 1.0AA [Strict]
yes no no yes
CSS Options settings: Use Custom CSS file File location (type path/browse) Relative path (type) yes yes no yes
Tutorial options settings: Turn startup tutorials on/off. yes no no yes
HTML Navigation settings:
Enabling insertion of navigation links (checkbox)
Editing names of links
yes no no yes
Source document settings:
Image handling: Process all | Ignore (DTP) | Ignore (scanned)
New in version 2:
Headers and footers: None | Document mode | Page mode
yes no no yes
Main toolbar Save button and Save as pop-up menu, allowing the user to save work in progress as a .riverdocs project file and change the saved filename. yes no no yes
Publish button (see Publishing options above) yes yes yes yes
Original pane that displays unconverted file, with controls for zooming and selecting alternative page views yes no yes yes
Editing pane that displays converted file and allows user to edit HTML yes yes yes yes
Adjust relative size of view panes by dragging divisions with mouse yes no yes (width only) yes
Accessibility issues list with description of the issue, user advice, highlighting of the affected item in the converted output when the user selects the issue, and self-updating of the list during editing. yes yes yes yes
Accessibility issue counter, updatable during editing, displaying current number of accessibility issues listed for a page or the entire converted document, including any introduced inadvertently by user. yes no no yes
HTML editing via Editing pane preview, GUI buttons and menus yes yes yes yes
View and edit converted HTML page source code yes yes no yes
CSS style editing yes yes no yes
Accessibility editing (basic) yes yes yes yes
Accessibility editing (advanced) yes no no yes
Screen capture from original document display (copy and paste).
New text and table options in version 2
Capture modes: Image | Table | Text (flow) | Text (no flow) | Table and text (flow)
yes no yes yes
New in version 2:
Copy and paste Word to HTML
Import items from Microsoft Word into a converted document. Pasted Word text, tables and images (including tables copied from Excel spreadsheets) are converted to accessible HTML on the fly.
Clipboard items can also be pasted from RTF and from other applications including Publisher (PUB files) and Notepad.
yes text only yes yes
Fully featured conversion, editing, configuration and navigation yes no no yes
Wizard-style, step-by-step GUI with additional user prompts and forwarding of work in progress to RiverDocs Editor user no no yes no
Web interface no yes no no
New in version 2:
Default folder settings: Set default folders for Open, Save and Publish
yes no yes yes
Integration no yes yes yes
User profile manager (configures RiverDocs version GUI at startup on a user role basis) no yes yes yes
Administrator web interface no yes no no
GUI mouse controls have alt texts and menu alternatives with keyboard shortcuts yes alt texts only
(web interface)
yes yes
GUI information not conveyed by colour alone yes yes yes yes